Pilger, Nebraska (Twin Tornados) / 6,800 Meals over 4 Days

Rare twin tornadoes raked across northeast Nebraska. They were part of an outbreak of twisters that virtually wiped Pilger off the land and left a path of death and destruction. The 60-mile swath stretched from near Stanton to the edge of Sioux City, Iowa.  The National Weather Service rated the larger tornado that tore through Pilger as an EF4, capable of causing devastating damage with winds of 166 to 200 mph. The parallel twister was an EF2.  The tornadoes killed two people and injured at least 20 others, some critically.

Teams and Individuals involved included:
Troy Youngblood, Ethen Youngblood, Mike Hogan, Amanda Hogan, Ben Zaayer, Charley Zaayer, Dave Feder, Blane Hunter, Don Truckenbrod, Dennis Truckenbrod, Mike Pickette, Dillon Pickette, Christy Davis, Christopher Tierney, Cyndi Russell, Lisa Reda, Rachel Lacy, Chelby Fricke, Matt Hoernemann, Heather Hoernemann, Gabbie Hoernemann, Leslie Gunning-Scofield, Mark Buse, Kathy Buse, Tonya Carpenter, Allen Jackson, Mark Stoffel, Lynette Stoffel, Ashley Iburg, Lindsay Thomson, Mike Burris, Nicole Burris, Travis Johnson, Grant Mapel, Sherry Mapel, Tanya Hollman, Chelsea Kallenbach, Macy Gotschall

Corporate Involvement and Contributions: 

Camo Cowboys BBQ Omaha Nebraska, Pork Patrol BBQ Omaha Nebraska, Porky Butts BBQ Valley Nebraska, Big Machine BBQ West Point Nebraska, TWSS BBQ Omaha Nebraska, Casey’s West Point Nebraska, Wells Blue Bunny Lemars Iowa, Geno’s Steakhouse Wayne Nebraska, Pac N Save Wayne Nebraska, Rotella’s Bakery Omaha Nebraska, The Cure Omaha Nebraska, A1 Heating And Air Omaha Nebraska, Werner Enterprises Omaha Nebraska, Lisa Alfrey Omaha Nebraska, Cyndi Ussell Omaha Nebraska, Jolynn Schwisow Omaha Nebraska, Lisa Reda Omaha Nebraska, Lou’s Norfolk Nebraska, Hockenbergs Omaha Nebraska, The Omson Co Grand Island Nebraska, Cargill Columbus Nebraska, Hadley Braithwait Columbus Nebraska, Jackson Services Columbus Nebraska, Tielke Sandwiches Norfolk Nebraska, Applebees Norfolk Nebraska

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