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Aaron Mizrahi

Chef Aaron Mizrahi is an authority on live fire cooking as well as an authority on all meats. He is a Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus Beef International Brand Ambassador, Corporate Executive Chef at Grupo Almos and Chef at Mizrahi Meat Authority.


Sweet Swine O’ Mine

Winner of the inaugural Pigapalooza OBR cup!  Mark Lambert is the pitmaster for two time Memphis in May World Champion Team  “Sweet Swine O’ Mine”. Mark travels the world teaching BBQ classes in Europe, Australia, and Mexico.  He is also the co-founder and instructor at one the premier competition bbq classes in the country, www.barbecuelive.com .  When […]


Master Chef Tony Seta – Butterball

Master Chef Tony Seta, C.M.C. Tony Seta, one of only 70 Master Chefs in the U.S. Certified by the American Culinary Federation, is a culinary professional with more than 30 years of experience. He is well-known for developing memorable dishes for restaurants and food manufacturers across the nation – and an expert in translating bold […]


Memphis Barbecue Co.

John David Wheeler, Head Cook for the Natural Born Grillers BBQ Team, has been one of the most award-winning BBQ cooks in the world.  Among his many accomplishments are twice winning the overall Cooking Team of the Year award, winning the World Grand Championship at Memphis in May, winning three separate World Championships, over 75 […]


Boars Night Out

Boars Night Out started in early 2006 as a group of single guys that were all recently divorced. Throughout 2006 we were known as the team that liked to cook, and a team that could definitely throw a Championship Level Party! 2007-2009 were maturing years for the team. We picked up some first place trophies […]


Bear’s Smokehouse

Jamie was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri—”The BBQ capital of the world”— and spent his high school years working for one of the best BBQ restaurants in that city. Upon graduation, he joined the Navy and was always on the lookout for great BBQ throughout his travels across the U.S. and abroad. Jamie took his […]



Born Jeffrey Alan Rumaner, but living under the internationally trademarked moniker “STRETCH”, is an Artist, Entrepreneur, Restaurateur, TV Personality & the visionary creator of Grinders Pizza. Grinders Restaurants, CrossroadsKC @ Grinders, (USA Today’s #1 Pick for “Best Kansas City Nightlife”) and even their retail support “sister company,” STRETCH Specialties, LLC, which creates and sells Grinders […]


Sugarfire Smoke House

Born and raised in St. Louis, Christina Fitzgerald discovered her passion for the culinary arts at an early age. As a young child, she preferred to watch Ina Garden and Paula Deen over Sunday morning cartoons. The only girl out of seven siblings, Christina grew up in a large family and recognized her competitive nature […]


Smoke on Wheels

Andy Groneman has been part of the BBQ world for 23 years. A second generation pitmaster, Andy started his BBQ journey learning the ropes of competition BBQ in the early 1990s. From there Smoke on Wheels was born, whose trek has taken him from coast to coast and through our borders to Canada, Mexico, and […]

Volunteer of the Year 2016 – Bryan Roppolo

Bryan Roppolo, Operation BBQ Relief’s 2016 Rod Cramer Volunteer of the Year. In reviewing the nominations for 2016, Bryan was nominated and the executive team removed his nominations, as we have a long standing policy that the Volunteer of the Year can not come off The Board or the Executive Team. We were extreamly excited […]