I was asked about being a State Lead while at a SCA Steak cook off  In Kansas , after giving it some thought I decided to take the offer.   Then in March of 2016 is when I really got involved ,  That was the Floods of year ( at the time ) in the State of Louisiana,  It was in my home town of Shreveport.  I was asked to run the Deployments since I had contacts in my area.  That’s when I really seen How Giving the people of OBR are, How big there hearts are to drop what they are doing , Leave their jobs and there business, Family’s and kids  behind and go and help those in need.  We had OBR folks from all over the country show up to help ,  we ended up feeding 58k meals in 7 days   to say that this was a live changing experience would be a understatement.   I pressed on helping where I fit in with OBR , then the Floods of the century hit South Louisiana in August  and it was the same as before , People from all over came to help and we was able to feed 313k meals in 2 weeks. Since then I have been on many deployments and have seen this in all of them.  I choose to give back where I can because people came to help my State get back on there feet in the darkest times.  #obrcares  # iamobr

Bryan Roppolo