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September 2018

Disaster Preparedness Checklist

As hurricane season progresses, we are preparing for disaster relief response with Operation BBQ Relief, should we be needed. Please consider stocking up on basic supplies, should your family or your neighbors need assistance. Much of the anxiety felt leading up to a storm is due to stores being low on supplies and residents being unprepared. Buying supplies last minute can also create further financial stress. Remember that after a major disaster, a loss of power can last weeks.

Our recommended checklist:

  • Working flashlights w/batteries, candles
  • Bottled water
  • Pet foods
  • Matches
  • Disposable plates & cups
  • Cash, in smaller bills
  • Sandbags
  • Extra filled cans of gasoline
  • Non-perishable foods that are easy to heat & serve
  • Weather radio (internet/phones don’t always work)
  • A working grill or camp stove w/extra propane
  • Ice chest & a bag or two of ice in the freezer
  • Tape/boards/clips or screws for covering windows for bigger storms
  • Generator, fans (test them)
  • Tarps, roofing nails & hammer for urgent roof repairs
  • Have a family plan and meet up location should communications go down-
  • Organize vital records, photos, family heirlooms and computers ready to be moved
  • Make those necessary vehicle repairs
  • Tire plug kits, needle nose pliers & flashlights for every vehicle
  • Evacuate if at all possible. Place an axe in your attic in case of unexpected flooding if you decide to stay. Know the highest points in your area, should you choose not to evacuate. Know the history of storm surge/flooding in your area.
  • Cell phone numbers for neighbors so you can check on property if away from the area. Remember that texts will often get through first, even when phone calls won’t. If Facebook is your primary means of communication, you might want to rethink it. Remember, your life and the well-being of your loved ones is what matters most. The rest is just stuff and can be replaced.
  • Catch up on washing clothes ahead of an approaching storm
  • Working & sharpened chainsaw, supplies including fuel & chains to help clear your neighborhood so emergency crews can respond if necessary
  • Neighborhood watch committee to watch for looters. Sadly, this is a risk. If the power goes out, fire up that grill and feed your neighbors from that freezer!

There are certainly more things you can do, but we feel these are the basics.
Remember, preparation does not equal fear. It’s just smart!

Thanks To Daddy’s BBQ / James Bates for this months info!


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