I saw a mass feeding demo by the southern baptist in the very early 80s. I remember vividly coming home knowing my life’s work. There is an inborn knawing in my heart to feed people. I know very few feel this. It’s been a struggle trying to understand why everyone doesn’t feel this until I realized if one man out of a hundred can feed a thousand, then for me to ask them to cook would rob 99 of their special gift.

I feed folks because doing so brings a joy that nothing else can. As a believer, I know I can show that gods love is more than suits and Sundays and padded pews. We can show the same love one hot meal at a time. I’ve been blessed with a wife who has the same heart so there is no controversy in our home come feeding time. Matter of fact, she often leaves before I can, going to serve .i have traveled the u.s. Feeding after disasters. Have been a part of millions of meals including one in Los Angels that feed 100,000 a day.  For weeks. Sandy and I talked recently about how much is enough.

My answer, we haven’t started.

Rick Bunch